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The top 20 fashion infographics of August 2014:
01. The ultimate Eyeliner fashion vocabulary02. Guide to Suit & Shoes colour matching03. The Ultimate Pattern Fashion Vocabulary Part 104. How to wear jeans05. Laundry Stain Cheat Sheet06. How to wear a Button Up07. The Ultimate Pattern Fashion Vocabulary Part 208. A Visual Glossary of Wedding Gown Silhouettes09. Tips for perfect eyebrows10. A visual glossary of Chain Types11. Ways to wear your tee12. How to shape your eyebrows13. The best way to fold a shirt14. A visual glossary of Vintage Hats for women15. 24-piece Year Round Wardrobe16. Wardrobe Essentials Checklist for Women17. 5 stripe patterns for dress shirts you should know18. How to tie the Ediety/Merovingian Tie Knot19. Find your perfume persona20. How to artfully stack bangles
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